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Try Hair Removal By Electrolysis

Are you fed up with shaving, plucking and waxing? Then we've got some Good News for You!
Hair removal by electrolysis is the only method recognized by the FDA and the American Medical Association as a permanent hair removal solution. Even laser hair removal cannot make that claim!

This popular and perfectly safe procedure is well established in the medical community…in fact, it was first developed over 100 years ago! “Is it true that electrolysis is painful?” We get this question a lot! But we’ve got great news: electrolysis has evolved over the years, and now it causes very little – if any – discomfort. In most cases, people experience little more than a tingling sensation during electrolysis. We often hear people report experiencing more pain as a result of harsh chemical depilatories or other at-home hair removal methods, and those aren’t even permanent!

“How does electrolysis work?” In a nutshell, an electrode is applied to each hair follicle. An electric current travels through the electrode and reaches the follicle, permanently eliminating the root. For electrolysis to be fully effective, multiple sessions must be performed in accordance with your hair growth cycle. If you’re ready to toss your tweezers and write off your razors, contact Newbury about the only time-tested, permanent way to eliminate unwanted hair...
Then try Hair Removal by Electrolysis.

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